Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tool # 9 Incorporating Classroom Based Devices

  1. Being a computer class technology is tied to almost every objective here but with that said I do try to teach the students about things that will support other classes use of technology. Examples include Google Apps (almost all), iMovies for presentations, file management, typing, and Edmodo just to name a few.
  2. Here the end product is the accountable ending but I understand that each student needs to end up with a way that they did their share. Almost all of my assignments are in groups or pairs. I find this is a great way to learn and it helps move the class along faster. I make each student produce a product not a group product. 
  3. I really did not see much I could use in my “Class” but the two I like the most is “Learning Games for Kids” and “Manipula Math”. I can not use these as part of my everyday class but I will be adding these two to my list of “Extra” class work for students. I have my GT students that when finished help me with my slower or Special Ed students. I don’t like to ask them every day to help. I let them work online, with MAC software or homework in another class to fill the time while my slower students catch up. “Manipula” will be great for them and “Learning Games for Kids” can fill some time with Special Ed kids.
  4. We have 37 MacBooks and no iPads and 10 itouches that nobody uses. With such a powerful computer for the students I can’t see using them for anything other that some type of learning game in my class.
  5. Perhaps in LA an iPad would be a good way to research. I use mine at home to read and research more than anything else. I can see it in math and maybe a way to practice or even use Odyssey online with an iPad to test a students skills. Even give an homework assignment. 

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