Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tool # 7 Reaching Outside your Classroom

For a collaborative project with another class I would like to use iMovie. I would like to find a way to not only collaborate with one class but with the entire 6th grade LA department. 
Both Computer Lit. and LA use imovie. Computer Lit. teaches more of the technical aspects of the program while LA uses iMovie to create a presentation related to book or reading material.
I would like to combine the two as a group to teach iMovie while working with LA to complete one of their projects. 

The content objective is to teach the students the iMovie program while supporting the LA department. This will take some of the load off the LA teachers while using a project the students can get a grade for in both classes. 

I would like to try this next semester.

The tools we would use is Google Apps for emailing the assignments, Edmodo for discussion and ideas between the class and iMovie for the project. In addition, we can iPhoto to manage and manipulate photos. 

The project would begin by starting a group in Edmodo for this project. The LA teacher would place the students into groups of three making sure that at least one student was taking Computer Lit. This student would be in charge of most of the technical editing in iMovie. In turn the Computer Lit. student would pass what he/she learned to the other one or two students in the group. The assignment would be an LA assignment and that rubric would come from them. The project can be done during Computer Lit. class as part of the iMovie teaching. Also, as a group the students can use the iPads in LA, library and Computer Lit. laptops. By the end of the project the all the 6th grade students will know what is expected when creating a presentation using iMovie and knowledge of how to create it. This would also free up the other grade level science LA teachers for teaching the technical aspects of iMovie, not to mention the Librarian.

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