Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tool # 11 Self Assessment

I have been using many of the tools that in this program of the past two school years already. I was one of the first to embrace Google Apps and I have to say I love the idea and the way it works. My wife and I use Google Apps both for personal accounts and a family account. Edmodo is fun to read when I get my students started in my groups but I am not much of a social networker. My new favorite is Dropbox and maybe Diigo. I love these two programs and they are going to save me a lot of time. I will work Diigo into my  curriculum. Diigo will be used during our Scratch lessons and maybe iMovie to share links and videos. I will now use the Google Blogger to direct my Robotics Club with directions, ideas and communication. 

I would really like to see the other classes work with the technology teachers to find some projects or assignments which can be done together. The more I use and teach this technology the more ideas I have to combine efforts. I believe more than ever that technology will or can bring teachers in different subjects together. While a student is learning something in a technology class he/she will also be learning math or science. 
Technology is always changing and there is something new to learn every year. My classroom changes every year and this year I add new ideas every semester. Yes, I will keep changing to accommodate the 21st Century learner. 

Even a technology teacher can get stuck in a learning box. Even though I change my curriculum every year by adding some new things I still found some really cool ideas from this 11 Tools program. I wish I would have done it earlier and added to my curriculum in August but I will add three new programs in January of this year. I will add Diigo, Blogger and GoAnimate.

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  1. Diigo is an awesome tool that I use almost everyday. The challenge for all of the blogs/sites I put in a list for me is to find the time to return and read them. For a classroom teacher though, the way you can easily share with a group is fab! For my own personal reading, I have started using Pocket.

    The new features in Edmodo - random question quizzes and such are making it a really powerful tool. Could you use GoAnimate with your students? If so, you can request to have it as an app in your Edmodo account!

    I think it would be terrific for you to develop some collaborative projects with teachers in content areas! I think there are some teachers who would welcome the opportunity! Keep me posted!